Mighty Tidy, toy cleanser

Clean up with the perfect antibacterial cleanser- for every sex toy in your toybox! The spray on formula kills bacteria without harming a toys delicate surface.This cleanser is perfect for every sex toy in your toy box. A must have to keep your toys tidy.





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Rachel from Surrey

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 23, 2017

Just spray on and let dry, I feel a lot happier knowing that the tidy cleaner kills 99% of bacteria on my toys

Alanna from Kelowna, BC

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 23, 2017

A MUST HAVE for cleaning ALL of your toys in your toy box.

Amanda from Saskatoon, Canada

Hanky Panky Consultant

Sep 19, 2009

It has a nice light powdery scent and cleans like a breezy.

Betty Stringer from Vancouver

Sep 14, 2007

This stuff will also take stains out of silk and other lingerie. It cleans everything.

Jaime Hoolsema from Langley, BC

Mar 7, 2007

This product works very well. It's nice to know that you're cleaning your items properly without dammaging them...

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