Pure Instinct Attractant Oil

Attract that special someone with gender friendly sex attractant cologne. Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this light sensual fragrance. It can be worn with your own signature scent. Pure Instinct Attractant oil is a rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. 15ml. - Now in Roll-On container. [... more]





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Rachel from Surrey

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 23, 2017

I love that this product brings out your own personal scent. It changes also depending on what you ate that day etc.

Kim from Squamish, BC

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 22, 2017

This is another must have product for me. I love the way is makes my husband nuzzle into my neck to smell it.

Nadine from Vancouver/Coquitlam BC

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 22, 2017

never leave home without it - I love the scent - i love that it is UNIQUE on everyone - i love that adds a different dimension to meeting new people. They notice you more & pay a bit more attention. No one is gonna jump on you but it certainly doesn''t hurt when you want to make an impact!

Janika from Port Coquitlam

Sep 15, 2009

That stuff is amazing! not only a sex attractant, its action is subtile and unconsciant. I work in the hospitality industry and wear it everyday at work in combination with my usual perfume, for a perfect concoction!

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