Hanky Panky Body Stix

Designed specifically for the Hanky Panky customer, these bars have the luxurious feel of a hand held massage bar, but without all the mess!! They are packaged in a roll-on stick applicator. Roll it up~~smooth it directly onto your skin. The friction and body heat causes the bar to melt just the right amount of product you need. In three incredible aromas~~Frenzy (refreshing grapefruit), Sugar Daddy (a secret scent so captivating you can't wait to soak it up!) and Crave (a spicy vanilla). Wonderful to use for a sexy massage, the Hanky Panky Body Stix also has fabulous moisturising qualities for every day use![... more]






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Rachel from Surrey

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 23, 2017

I love using this on dry skin! Especially after shaving my legs I love to use this to moisturize my skin. It also works great on your elbows.

Nadine from Vancouver Area

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 22, 2017

When we forget about our elbows... or knees! this is such and amazing product for deep moisturizing - and truly the scents are addictive!

Gabrielle from Maple Ridge

Hanky Panky Consultant

Nov 22, 2017

I carry my body stix with me everywhere in my purse! I love it... I use it as a moisturizer, on my legs after I shave and most importantly between my legs to prevent rubbing. I can''t live without this product.

Angela sommerville from cornwall, ON

May 15, 2012

I go through this stuff so fast...everyone at work loves when I get to work, they can''t get enough of the smell...even the seniors tell me I smell good :)

Glenda from Port Coquitlam

Nov 23, 2010

These stix are amazing, just rub them on the skin and the heat from the body does the rest. Oh yeh, they smell awesome!

Shauna from Toronto.Canada

Jun 12, 2010

This is an amazing product!! I love that I can put it on and go. No waiting for it to absorb, no mess on my hands. It''s great when I''m in a hurry!

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